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    Volume7 Issue6

  1. The Impact of Climate Change on Livestock Production and Reproduction- Ameliorative Management

  2. Molecular Mechanism of Apoptosis in Ovary

  3. Moisture Diffusivity and Activation Energy for High Velocity Hot Air Drying of Chicken Meat

  4. Effect of Reduced Dietary Crude Protein with Balanced Limiting Amino Acids on Immunity and Serum Biochemical Profile of Swarnadhara Chicks

  5. Study on Conception Rate in Bitches Following Matings at Different Intervals after Optimum Vaginal Cornification

  6. Replacement Value of Millet for Maize as a Source of Energy in the Diets of Growing Rabbits

  7. Economics of Broiler Rearing Under Different Colours of Light

  8. Effect of Breed on Seminal Characters of Breeding Bulls of Odisha

  9. Bovine babesiosis and Anaplasmosis in Some Cattle Farms in the Vina Division, Adamaoua Plateau

  10. In Vitro Evaluation of Druggability Prioritization Targets of Escherichia coli

  11. Serological and Molecular Characterization of Central Domain of Lipoprotein LppA in Indian Isolates of Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. Capri and Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides (LC)

  12. Effectiveness of Distance Education Programme on Dairy Farming

  13. Seasonal Variation in Select Stress Related Hormones and Lactate Dehydrogenase Enzyme in Zebu Cattle

  14. Comparison of Three Different Lactation Curve Models for Prediction of Monthly Test Day Milk Yields in First Lactation Murrah Buffaloes

  15. Behavioural and Well Being Comparison of Broiler Chicks in the Different Cooling Regime during Hot-Dry and Hot-Humid Months of Summer

  16. Effect of Month and Season on Hatchability Performance of Turkey

  17. Molecular Characterization of Mitochondrial D Loop of Indian Red Jungle Fowl

  18. Histological Study of Pneumonic Lungs of Calves in Batna Slaughterhouse

  19. In Vitro Assessment of Nutritive Value of Unconventional Feed Resource as Livestock Feed

  20. Preparation of Recipient Wound Bed by Electrical Stimulation for Skin Flaps in Dogs

  21. Efficacy of Different Harvesting Techniques on Oocyte Recovery from Goat Ovaries

  22. Biometry of Hoof in Dairy Animals and its Clinical implications for Designing of Cowslips

  23. Coagulase Gene Polymorphism in Staphylococcus Aureus Isolated From Chicken and Pork Marketed in Retail Outlets of Chennai

  24. Estimation of Cadmium and Lead in Sardinella longiceps by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS)

  25. Quality of Chicken Balls on Application of Edible Film Wraps Enriched With Natural Spice Oils

  26. Study of Clinico-Hematobiochemical Changes and Therapeutic Management of Naturally Infected Cases of Respiratory Disease in Non-Descript Goats of Bareilly Region

  27. Association between Polymorphisms of Solute Carrier 27 A1 Gene with Milk Production Traits in Indian Sahiwal and Hariana Cattle

  28. A Study on Prediction of Body Weights Using Biometrical Measurements in Nellore Brown Sheep under Field Conditions

  29. Pyopericardium and Suppurative Pneumonia Caused by Trueperella pyogenes in a Piglet

  30. Constraints Faced By Goat Farmers in Adoption of Scientific Health Technologies

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