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Prof (Dr.) Makkena Sreenu

Professor & Head Dept of Veterinary Surgery & Radiology NTR College of Veterinary Science ,Gannavaram Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University Krishna(Dt) - Andhra Pradesh


He did BVSc & AH(1988-93) ; MVSc (93-95)and Ph.D (95-98) from College Of Veterinary Science , Tirupati and he joined as Assistant Professor of Veterinary Surgery & Radiology in the same college . Later he worked as Assistant Professor at NTR College Of Veterinary Science , Gannavaram and elevated as an Associate Professor in the year 2007 and Worked in the same department up to October 2012 .He was promoted as Professor and worked at Dept of Veterinary Surgery & Radiology at College Of Veterinary Science , Korutla up to September 2015. He is Instrumental in uplifting the department by procuring and installation of modern equipment .Established two departments i.e Dept of Surgery & Radiology ;Teaching veterinary Clinical Service Complex (2001 to 2007 Head)as per VCI norms at NTR College of veterinary Science, Gannavaram and College of veterinary Science (2012 to 2015) Korutla as founder of the departments.

He is as an external examiner for undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral students and for evaluation of post graduate and doctoral thesis in veterinary Surgery & Radiology by different veterinary Universities( TANUVAS,KASFAU,OUAT & MAFSU). He guided 16 MVSc and two Ph.D students and for more than 40 students member in the advisory committee.  He is a life member for various professional bodies like The Indian Society of Veterinary Surgery , Indian Society for study of Animal Reproduction ,Andhra Pradesh Veterinary Council , Laboratory Animal Scientists Association, Indian Association for Advancement of Veterinary Research,Indian Veterinary Association,Society for biomaterials and Artificial organs and Society for Tissue Engineering and regenerative Medicine. Acting as referee for various journals like Indian Journal of Veterinary & Animal Sciences research , Indian Pet Journal – Online Journal of Canine, Feline & Exotic Pets, Veterinary World Journal, Indian journal of animal Research Published by Agricultural Research,International journal of Agro Veterinary and Medical Sciences, International journal of Livestock Research and veterinary Research Forum , Urmia University, Iran. Acting as an Editor(Asia) for International journal of Livestock Research since 2013 to till date.

He handled three Projects as Principal Investigator namely Evaluation of fishnet thread as nonabsorbable suture material for bovine laporotomies (SLTP) and Development And Evaluation Of AcellularBiomaterial Of Marine Origin For Tissue Repair In Bovines”( DBT) Assessment and evaluation of biodegradable implants for fracture repair”(DBT) as co investigator.

He has published more than 280 research papers and attended and Presented Papers at conferences and written 35 popular articles in telugu . He is instrumental in conducting nearly 51 health Camps covering all most 140 villages as NSS programme officer, World Zoonosis day 2005,2006 , World Veterinary day 2007 at college level. He has given many Radio and TV talks on animal Diseases. As Veterinary Surgeon successful in conduct of more than 20,000 surgeries of various surgical conditions both on large and pet animals with high success rate.

He worked in many capacities as Head of the Department(19 years),Addl.warden, Internship Coordinator, NSS Programme Officer, Officer Incharge Academic Matters ( PG & UG ), Professor & Head, and Officer In-charge, placement Cell. He is a Member in many committees at college level like Disciplinary Committee, Building Committee, Animal Ethics committee, Academic support group etc., He conducted 10 training programmes for field Veterinarians Under Continuing Veterinary education Programme. He is a Recipient of “Hyderabad Race Club Gold Medal-2001 for his academic excellence ” and MKV GUPTA MEMORIAL Annual Gold Medal-2006” as an Outstanding Veterinarian of Andhra Pradesh. He was -Biographed in “ Who’s who in the World-2000” the Leading Society of World Published at USA. (18th Edition). Awarded a certificate of Excellence in reviewing, in recognition of an outstanding contribution to quality of the journal in year 2013 and 2014 by International Journal Of Livestock Research and by ARCC journals in the year 2014 and 2015.Received Gold medal for a paper on thoracic radiography in geriatric dogs  presented in ISVS  conference for  radiology section . Received   Andhra Pradesh state best teacher Award – 2018

He has written 8 books in Telugu namely “Jeevana Kavanam” literary book on human values; “Matti kudullu” literary book on Village scenario; “Vennu virigina Kankulu” literary book on farmers issues; “Bhavatarangam” a long poem on platonic love and “Pasu vydya Vyasaavali “data on animals diseases, akshara gavaaksham on book revies , mouna savvadi  apoetry on present issues and  gorantha kavitha  micro peoms ( nanos) on different issue

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