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A Study to Increase the Shelf Life of A2 Milk of Sahiwal Cows

Anil Kanaujia Anup Kalra Om Prakash Jat Mohan Saxena Akhilesh Chandra Varshney
Vol 7(7), 48-50

A2 milk is the milk that contains only the A2 type of beta-casein protein whereas A1 milk contains only A1 beta casein or A1A2 type variant. A1 protein variant is commonly found in milk from crossbred and European breeds of cattle. A2 milk is found basically in indigenous cows and buffaloes of India. The total indigenous cattle population in India is 151 million, however, 21 million are pure indigenous descript animals which are registered with statutory bodies. These pure indigenous descript produce A2 milk which is good for health. As one of the key components of 5F, the Sahiwal cows being reared by ARF at its premises at village Chidana, Sonepat, Haryana, are being fed with organic feed ( balanced mix of in house produced compound feed & fodder) under the supervision of experts to maintain the health and optimal lactation of cows which produces A2 milk.

Keywords : A2 Milk Sahiwal Cows Shelf Life MBRT

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