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Accessibility and Utilization of Information on Scientific Goat Husbandry among Goat Rearers

Sushil Kumar Sinha Mahesh Chander Braj Mohan
Vol 8(2), 235-240

Accurate and relevant information along with its easy accessibility and proper utilization is an important pre-requisite for scientific goat farming. An ex-post-facto study was carried out among goat keepers of Mathura district (UP) to review the accessibility and utilization of information on scientific goat rearing. For data collection, 160 goat keepers, randomly selected from four highest goat populated blocks of district were personally interviewed. Accessibility of information was assessed in term of frequency of (yes/no) responses, while, extent of utilization of accessed information was measured on three point continuum i.e. frequently, sometimes and never. Respondents were also asked for three most preferred accessible information sources in terms of personal-localite, personal-cosmopolite and mass- media. Results revealed that 85 percent of goat keepers had no accessibility of relevant information. Respondents utilizing the accessed information frequently, were even less than 20 percent, while, more than 30 percent of them had never used it. Primary source of information was personal-localite followed by personal-cosmopolite. Mass-media sources, due to very less coverage on goat specific information were completely inaccessible. Investigation concludes that goat farmers had low accessibility and further low utilization of relevant information.

Keywords : Goat Farmers Information Accessibility Information Source Information Utilization Mathura

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