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Accuracy of Two Indirect Diagnostic Tests for Detection of Subclinical Mastitis in Lactating Dairy Cattle

Adil Majid Bhat J. S. Soodan
Vol 7(12), 301-306

The study was conducted to evaluate the accuracy of modified californian mastitis test and bromothymol blue test, in detecting subclinical mastitis affecting crossbred dairy cattle. A total of 90 milk samples from apparently healthy quarters of lactating cattle belonging to frieswal breed (Sahiwal and Holstien Friesian) were put to modified californian mastitis test (MCMT), bromothymol blue (BTB) card test and cultural examination. The number of positive samples for MCMT, BTB and cultural examination were 50, 52 and 45, respectively. The percentage agreement of MCMT and BTB Card test with bacteriological examination were found to be 77.25 per cent and 54.75 per cent, respectively. The accuracy of MCMT and BTB was found to be 87.77% and 77.9, respectively. The sensitivity and specificity of MCMT was comparatively higher than BTB. The study concluded that MCMT is more reliable test for diagnosis of sub-clinical mastitis as compared to BTB card test.

Keywords : Sub-Clinical Mastitis MCMT BTB test Cultural Examination Sensitivity Specificity

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