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Acid and Alkaline Phosphatase Activity in Uterus of Goat in Different Stage of Pregnancy

Vijay Kumar Shri Prakash Singh M. M. Farooqui Chetna Gangwar Prabhakar Kumar Ajay Prakash
Vol 7(7), 92-97

The present study was conducted on 18 gravid uteri from healthy goats (Capra hircus) of non descript breed procured from local slaughter house. The uteri were divided into three groups according to their gestational ages as Gr I (0-50 days), Gr II (51-100 days) and Gr III (101 till term). Surface epithelium, stratum compactum and stroma of endometrium, circular and longitudinal muscle layers in myometrium, blood vessels in stratum vasculare and perimetrium during early pregnancy show mild activity with the acid and alkaline phosphatase which increased with the advancement of the pregnancy. The endometrial glands showed mild to intense activity of alkaline and acid phosphatase during initial stage of pregnancy. The activity of alkaline phosphatase increased with the advancement of pregnancy. The activity of acid phosphatase was moderate to intense during mid stage and moderate during advance stage of pregnancy.

Keywords : Acid Phosphatase Alkaline Phosphatase Goat Pregnancy and Uterus

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