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Adaptation of Murrah Cross Buffalo towards Heat Stress by Nutritional and Managemental Interventions at Coastal Climate of Goa

Samir Kumar Das Sanjay Kumar Udhawar Narendra Pratap Singh
Vol 8(5), 167-171

Twenty Murrah cross buffaloes consisting of ten lactating buffaloes, two heifers, six buffalo calves and two buffalo bulls were taken for the study from KVK of the institute. All the animals were housed in semi - open RCC shed with east - west orientation having GI sheet roof. Buffaloes were maintained in semi intensive system of management. Effort was taken to reduce heat stress on milk production in buffalo by managemental intervention ie manual cooling of buffalo by splashing of water twice daily and by nutritional intervention ie supplementation of bypass fat to the feed @ 20 g / lit of milk. Other managemental conditions were remaining same. Analysis of data revealed that in Murrah cross buffalo highest daily milk yield was attained upto 9.412 lit with overall mean value of 7.786 ± 0.120 lit / head / day. Milk yield was reduced by 333 ml and 15 ml per unit increase of maximum temperature and minimum temperature respectively but the effects were non- significant due to nutritional and managemental intervention. It was noted that milk yield was increased 9.36 % and fat per cent of milk was enhanced by 0 .80 % by supplementation of bypass fat along with manual cooling. Study on physiological response of buffaloes revealed that all the values were reduced except skin temperature in buffalo of treated group than that of control group, indicating that nutritional and managemental intervention reduced heat stress on the animal. It was also noted that heat stress was overcome by 24.71 % by fortification of feed with the bypass fat along with manual cooling by splashing of cold water twice daily.

Keywords : Adaptation Buffalo Coastal Climate Intervention

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