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Adoption Behavior of Improved Pig Production Technology in Meghalaya of India

S. K. Das S. K. Baisya
Vol 2(2), 111-121

It was revealed that in Meghalaya most of the farmers were low and partial adopter of pig production technology (PPT). It may be concluded that cost of technology is one of the important criteria for adoption of improved pig husbandry among the farmers. Since housing, feeding and health management practices of pig cost high hence majority of the farmers adopted pig production technology at partial and low level. It reflected from the study that education status of farmer and training received by the farmers from SAU and ICAR institute had significant effect on adoption behaviour of respondents. If farmers are educated, they are confident to adopt any new technology. At the same time if farmers get training and other kind of exposure, they can take decision for the adoption of any new technology. It was also found that education, annual income and training exposure were significantly and positively correlated with adoption level of pig production technology. It was also observed that old aged farmer adopted pig production technology mostly and farmers having long experience of piggery adopted this new technology at high level. The farmers having rich economic condition were able to take any risk of adopting new technology and therefore economically sound farmers adopted this technology at high level. So, social characteristics of the farmers go a long way to influence the adoption of pig production technology and it is necessary to get an insight about the adoption behavior of farmer before development and dissemination of any technology.

Keywords : Pig Production Technology Meghalaya Adoption Level

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