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Adoption of Good Dairy Farming Practices among Commercial Dairy Farmers of Karnataka

M. C. Sathisha Rupasi Tiwari Rakesh Roy
Vol 8(12), 47-57

The present study was carried out with the objective to measure adoption level of good dairy farming practices among commercial dairy farmers. The state Karnataka has been purposively selected due to its high milk production and development of commercial dairy farming as compared to other states of Southern India. In all, 135 respondents from 3 districts form the total sample size of the study having equal representation of small (10-20 milch animals), medium (21-40 milch animals) and large (>40 milch animals) commercial dairy farmers. Questionnaire was prepared on animal health, hygienic milking, animal feeding, animal welfare and environmental friendly practices according to “Guidelines on good dairy farming practices” by FAO (2014). The study shows that adoption of animal health practices, hygienic milking practices and environmental practices was medium level whereas adoption of animal feeding and animal welfare practices was high among commercial dairy farmers. The level of adoption of different good dairy farming practices was significantly different among small, medium and large farmers. The overall adoption of good dairy farming practices was medium and similarly it was found medium among small and medium farmers but it was found high among large farmers. The study also shows that education, occupation, herd size, annual income and extension agency contact were highly significant and positively correlated with adoption level of good dairy farming practices whereas livestock rearing experience, land holding, social participation and mass media exposure were significantly and positively correlated with adoption. The study further reveals that annual income, herd size, education and extension agency contact were the main contributing factors to adoption of good dairy farming practices.

Keywords : Adoption Commercial Dairy Farmers Good Dairy Farming Practices Karnataka

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