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Aerobic Bacterial Profile of the Uterus of Buffaloes Subjected to Fetotomy Operation during the Postpartum Period

Aejaz Ahmad Wani Paramjit Singh Mavi Ashiq Hussain Bhat Vinod Kumar Gandotra
Vol 7(12), 307-313

Aerobic bacteria associated with the postpartum uterus were identified and isolated in buffaloes (n=30), subjected to fetotomy operation for the correction of dystocia and were compared with that of normally calved buffaloes (n=20). The uterine samples were collected immediately and weekly after parturition/fetotomy till day 28 postpartum. In case of fetotomy operated buffaloes the most frequent isolates during the postpartum were Pseudomonas aeruginosa, followed by Escheria coli and Staphylococus spp. On the other hand the most frequent isolates in case of normally calved buffaloes were Escheria coli and Bacillus Spp. The frequency of bacteria was found maximum during 1st and 2nd week postpartum and was least during the 4th week postpartum, which indicates the achievement of better uterine environment.

Keywords : Bacteria Buffalo Dystocia Fetotomy Postpartum

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