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Aerobic Plate Count of Milk and Dairy Products Marketed in Different Zones of Chennai

Annal Selva Malar P. M. Sekar K. Porteen A. Elango Rita Narayanan
Vol 9(3), 97-102

The present study was envisaged to ascertain the aerobic plate count of milk and dairy products as it may imply presence of potential pathogenic organisms which is a major concern in consumer’s health point of view. A total of 567 samples, which comprises of 75 raw milk, 45 pasteurized milk and 447 dairy products were purchased from various retail outlets in different zones of Chennai. The results obtained were subjected to statistical analysis by using IDM®SPSS®Version 20.0 for windows®. Results of our study showed highest count from Chennai central zones. The microbial quality of raw milk and pasteurized milk samples tested from all the zones was found to be satisfactory. However, concentrated dairy products and khoa based dairy products tested were of unsatisfactory quality, and therefore, hygienic precautions should be taken by determining critical control points along with routine inspection of such dairy products during processing, storage, distribution and marketing.

Keywords : Aerobic Plate Count Microbial Analysis Milk and Dairy Products

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