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Age Related Histological Changes of Bursa of Fabricius in Guinea Fowl (Numida meleagris)

S. Tamilselvan S. Jayachitra K. Balasundaram
Vol 7(7), 172-176

The aim of this study is to record the age related histological and involutory changes of bursa of Fabricius in guinea fowl. The samples were collected from different age groups of birds from day-old to six months at monthly interval. The tissues of bursa of Fabricius were fixed in 10 per cent neutral buffered formalin and Bouin’s fluid. Fixed tissues were processed and sections of 3-5 micron thickness were made and sections were stained with Ehrlich’s haematoxylin-Eosin solution. Age dependent changes were noticed in the shape and diameter of lymphoid follicle, thickness of cortex, diameter of medulla and height of the surface epithelium. Dendritic cells noticed in the follicles increased with advancement of age. During involution, reduction in lymphocyte population, fatty changes and epithelial cysts were noticed in both the sexes.

Keywords : Age Bursa of Fabricius Guinea Fowl Histology Involution

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