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Alizarin Red-S Skeletal Preparation of Adult Red-vented Bulbul Bird (Pycnonotus cafer)

E. Raja Ravi Teja N. Rajendranath
Vol 7(12), 260-262

Alizarin Red-S preparation was done for preparing museum specimens of one dead Red-vented Bulbul Passerine bird (Pycnonotus cafer) retrieved from college premises. For clear visibility of the skeleton, specimen of Bulbul bird was de-feathered, de-skinned and eviscerated followed by fixing in 10 per cent Neutral buffered formalin for a week. Post fixation, the specimen was stained in Alizarin Red-S until bone stains red and excess stain was removed by fresh potassium hydroxide solution. Later, specimen was cleared in solutions containing glycerin, 2 per cent potassium hydroxide and distilled water for a month. Results showed a clear red stained skeleton due to affinity of Alizarin Red-S stain to calcium salts. Stained specimen was cleaned neatly and mounted into museum jar containing pure glycerol and few thymol crystals.

Keywords : Alizarin Red-S Potassium Hydroxide Red Vented Bulbul

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