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Ameliorating Effect of Herbal Antistressor Products on the Growth and Carcass Parameters of Japanese Quails Reared Under Summer Stress

S. Raju Daida Krishna Gurram Srinivas T. Raghunandan K. Vijay Ch. Shivaprasad
Vol 7(10), 216-222

The performance of the birds tends to decline during summer due to heat stress. In order to address the problem of heat stress, an experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of different herbal antistressor products on the growth performance of quails. For this, 120 day-old Japanese quails were randomly divided into four treatment groups with six replicates of five birds each. The experimental design consisted of T1: control, T2: Stressroak liquid, T3: AV/ESL/16 liquid, T4: Geriforte liquid. The results indicated that control group had significantly (P<0.05) lower body weight gain (159.43 g) compared to herbal antistressor supplemented groups. The feed intake between all the groups was non significant (P>0.05). The feed conversion ratio improved significantly (P>0.05) in herbal antistressor supplemented groups compared to the control. There was no significant (P>0.05) effect on various carcass parameters studied, except for abdominal fat percentage which was significantly (P<0.05) lower in herbal antistressor supplemented groups compared to control.

Keywords : Abdominal Fat Carcass Herbal Antistressor Heat Stress Japanese Quails

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