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Anaplasma bovis (Ehrlichia bovis) infection in a buffalo- A case report

Desh Deepak P. Preena Supriya Yadav Supriya Yadav Reena Mukherjee S. K Dixit
Vol 7(1), 130-133

Anaplasmosis is an important tick borne economically important rickettsial infection affecting bovines. The paper describes Anaplasma bovis infection in a buffalo exhibiting anorexia, anaemia, lymphadenopathy, hemoglobinuria etc. The obligate intracellular organism was identified by Giemsa staining methods as intracytoplasmic inclusion body in monocytes and Genus specific PCR. The infection was successfully managed by Oxytetracycline and supportive therapy.

Keywords : Anaplasma bovis Ehrlichia bovis;Buffalo Oxytetracycline

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