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Antibiotic Resistance – Counterattack by Salmonella

Karthik k Sophia I Rekha V Monika Bhardwaj Namrata Singh Ankita Jain
Vol 2(3), 42-47

Antibiotics made its debut in 1940s which not only marked the start of antibiotic era but also the tragic era of antibiotic resistance. Darwin’s theory of “survival of fittest” is common to all known species on earth, why not it holds good for bacteria also. Most bacteria have evolved various ways and means to battle against the antibiotics. Salmonella is one of the smartest bacteria which is a common isolate from human and animals. It is so smart that its new variants show a greater degree of resilience against various groups of antibiotics. These new types are incorporated into the various recent outbreaks. Salmonella has various mechanisms to transport the resistance gene not only to other Salmonella but also to other bacteria. These resistance genes are carried either in the plasmid or in the chromosome. It’s high time that measures should be taken in order to tackle this major problem of antibiotic resistance to control dreadful diseases.

Keywords : Salmonella antibiotic resistance DT104

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