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Antimicrobial Use and Resistance Issues in Livestock Sector: A Review

Neela Madhav Patnaik Arghyadeep Das Kalyan Mandi
Vol 9(12), 1-7

In the present scenario of rising concerns of mankind towards emerging health issues which were not even in the global scene few years ago, Antimicrobial resistance has taken center stage. Out of the different priorities set by the government of various countries, antimicrobial resistance is a prominent fixture. In Indian context, it is fair enough to say that antimicrobial resistance issues have caught the attention of our policy makers towards a formidable action plan for coming years. Livestock sector in general and dairy sector in particular has been a determining factor as far as antimicrobial use and resistant to infection is concerned in livestock sector. A comprehensive review is needed to understand the different facets of antimicrobial usage in livestock sector and how it is linked to human health so that they do not act as a hindrance to human development is the need of the hour.

Keywords : Antimicrobial Health Livestock Milk Resistance

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