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Assessment of Lead and Cadmium Status and its Effect on Biochemical Profile of Cattle Reared Around Industrial Effluent Contaminated Area

Naimi Chand Shrikant Tyagi Rajendra Prasad Debashis Dutta Ajayvir Singh Sirohi Pramod Singh Ankur Sharma
Vol 7(8), 183-188

Study was conducted to assess lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd) status and its effect on blood biochemical parameters of cattle inhabiting around industrial effluent contaminated area. Blood samples (90) were collected from villages located near the industrial effluent contaminated Kali river which were divided into three areas viz Area 1(adjacent to river), Area 2(within 1km from the river) and Area 3(> 2 km from the river). Samples (11) were collected from rural locality away from the river to serve as control. The mean blood Pb and Cd levels in area 1 and area 2 were significantly higher (P<0.05) as compared to control animals. Significantly (P<0.05) higher AST, AKP activities and decreased total protein, albumin were recorded in the animals of Area1 and Area 2 in comparison to area3 and control animals. The BUN and creatinine were significantly (P<0.05) elevated in the animals of Area1 and Area2 as compared to control animals.

Keywords : Biochemical Profile Cadmium Cattle Industrial Pollution Lead

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