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Assessment of Quality of Chicken Nuggets Treated with Mango Peel Extract

Pavankumar Kadakadiyavar Rajhans Krishnarao Ambadkar Kishor Sheshrao Rathod
Vol 7(2), 71-77

The antioxidant potential of mango peel aqueous extract was studied on chicken nuggets. 4 treatments viz, I, (Control), II. (MPeE 0.25%+Emulsion) III. (MPeE 0.50% + Emulsion) IV. (MPeE 0.75%+Emulsion). Average total phenolic content of mango peel was 590mgGAE/g, pH and cooking yield, showed non-significant difference. Moisture and Fat showed non-significant difference. Total phenolic content in MPeE incorporated nuggets was significantly (p<0.05) higher with respect to control. The average phenolics content was found to be in the following order: MPeE (0.75 %) >MPeE (0.50%)>MPeE (0.25%)> control. Therefore, it was concluded that aqueous extracts obtained MPeE could be explored as natural antioxidants in poultry meat and meat products. Sensory scores of appearance and juiciness of the chicken nuggets was affected non- significantly (p<0.05) by the level of incorporation of MPeE, the sensory scores of other attributes were significantly higher for 0.50% MPeE.

Keywords : Mango Peel Extract Total Phenolics Chicken Nuggets

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