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Association of FSH beta Gene Polymorphism on Testicular Parameters and Semen Quality in HF and Jersey Crossbred Bulls

V. B. Dalvi M. V. Ingawale S. G. Deshmukh S. V. Kuralkar P. S. Bankar S. S. Ali R. S. Ingole S. W. Hajare
Vol 8(6), 41-47

The present research was conducted to study the association of FSH beta gene polymorphism on testicular parameters and semen quality in twenty five HF (75%) as well as Jersey (50%) crossbred bulls. Three different genotypes BB, AB and AA having amplification size 313 bp; 313 bp,202 bp,99 bp and 202 bp, 99 bp, respectively were identified. Genotypic frequencies were 0.38, 0.54 and 0.08 for AA, AB and BB genotype while gene frequency of A allele was 0.65 and B allele was 0.35. The testicular parameters like scrotal circumference (SC), testicular length (TL), testicular width (TW), testicular thickness (TT) as well as seminal attributes like semen volume (Vol) concentration (Conc.) initial motility (IM), post thaw motility (PTM), hypo osmotic swelling test (HOST), abnormal sperm rate (ASR) and acrosome integrity test (AIT) were non significant (P<0.05) between the three genotypes.

Keywords : Crossbred Bulls FSH Beta Gene Polymorphism Semen Quality Testicular Parameters

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