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Association of Phosphocalcic Metabolism and Body Condition Score after Parturition in High Producing Dairy Cows

N. Bouhroum B. Bensahli
Vol 8(6), 328-331

The aim of the present study was to investigate the relationship between different body condition scores and phosphocalcic metabolism during the postpartum period in high producing dairy cows. Fifty seven multiparous Holstein dairy cows were used in the present study. Blood samples were collected at calving and at one and two month of postpartum to measure serum calcium and inorganic phosphorus levels. The BCS was monitored monthly after calving. Cows with body condition scores less than three does not mobilise their phosphocalcic reserve, they showed an hypocalcemia and there was a significant (P < 0.05) fall in serum inorganic phosphorus levels from 88mg / l at calving at rate to 63mg / l in the second month of post partum. In conclusion, among the different indices defined by the phosphocalcic metabolism measurements and BCS in the present study, the lower BCS and stress metabolic were the main factors associated with phosphocalcic metabolism distrubance in high producing dairy cows.

Keywords : Milk Yield Nutrition Reproduction

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