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Awareness and Perception About Risk of Zoonoses Among Livestock Farmers in Sub-Himalayan Region of West Bengal

Rakesh Roy Tista Mondal Mendel Wangchuk Moktan
Vol 9(9), 180-187

The study was undertaken with an objective to assess awareness and perception about risk of zoonoses among livestock farmers in Sub-Himalayan region of West Bengal. In all, 120 randomly selected livestock farmers were the sample size for the study. The study shows that rabies as a zoonotic disease was known to cent percent of respondents followed by bird flu, Japanese encephalitis and swine flu. The study further shows that oral or ingestion as a mode of transfer of diseases was known to 51.67 percent of respondents followed by direct contact and through vector as a mode of transfer of zoonotic diseases. The respondents had perception that pork, chicken meat and beef can spread zoonoses. The livestock farmers strongly perceived that disposing of dead animals and eating uncooked meat had a high risk of zoonoses. Studying awareness and perception of the livestock farmers on the risk factors and routes of transmission of zoonotic diseases is an essential step towards planning and development of appropriate disease prevention and control strategies for both human being and livestock which may reduce huge economic consequences in both the sectors.

Keywords : Awareness Perception Risk Sub-Himalayan Region Zoonoses

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