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Bacteriophage: Approach to Treat the Infectious Diseases of Livestock and Poultry

Durairajan Ramachandran Saminathan M. Durairajan R. Harshit Verma A. PrajaPati M. Abass Mayank Rawat
Vol 2(2), 8-13

Bacteriophages were used for the therapy of infectious disease soon after the early discovery of the twentieth century. Once antibiotic were discovered , interest in phage therapy were waned away from the Asian countries. But, developed a consistent research regarding the treatment and control of human and animal diseases using phage products. The world wide approach to develop phage and phage based antibacterial products into safe and reliable drugs because of multiple drug resistance organisms is growing very fast in our counties. Phage has a subject of research in term of determination of safety, immunogenicity and efficacy so that can be employed as therapeutic and vaccine components as well.

Keywords : Bacteriophage Drug resistant bacteria Phage lysate vaccine

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