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Bio Choline”- An Alternative to Synthetic Choline in Broiler Production

Mokshata Gupta Tanmay Mondal E. Lokesha B. C. Parthasarathi
Vol 9(4), 1-9

Choline is present in the feed ingredients as well as synthesized in the body of the broilers. But, this may not be sufficient to meet their requirements for physiological functions, optimum performance and lowering the body fat content. This warrants the exogenous supplementation of choline in diet. This can be done through synthetic choline chloride or through choline present in natural herbs (Bio Choline). The inimitable characteristics of Bio Choline over synthetic choline have been highlighted in this paper. Various studies that compare the performance of broilers fed on synthetic choline chloride vis-à-vis Bio Choline have also been discussed. Bio Choline has proved to be more efficacious in improving the performance of broilers in terms of growth, feed intake (FI) and feed conversion ratio (FCR). Additionally, Bio Choline reduces liver fat and body fat (abdominal fat) better than with choline chloride and thus, prevent occurrence of fatty liver syndrome (FLS) and perosis. Various discrepancies encountered in these parameters have also been discussed.

Keywords : Bio Choline Choline Fatty Liver Performance Perosis

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