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Biometry of Hoof in Dairy Animals and its Clinical implications for Designing of Cowslips

M. Dhoolappa R.V. Prasad K.V. Jamuna H. D. Narayanaswamy B. N. Nagaraja V. Chandrashekaramurthy K. T. Lakshmishree
Vol 7(6), 186-191

In dairy animals, lameness due to hoof and leg ailments is one of the major managemental problems which often results due to improper shoeing. It causes economic losses to the farmer and is also an important animal welfare issue. The main objective of the study is to understand the biometry of hoof in dairy animals and in future it will be used as baseline data for designing affordable and durable cowslips for dairy animals. The measurements of hoof were carried out on 46 adult cross bred cows of KVAFSU Dairy farm, Bangalore and Shivamogga. The age of the animals was determined by dental formula. The hoof volume and thickness of capsule in dairy animals were assessed. Based on the size-range data obtained, cowslips of different sizes (small, medium and large) will be designed by using waste materials with the aim of withstanding a total weight to the tune of 400-550 Kgs in dairy animals.

Keywords : Biometry Hoof Designing Cowslips

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