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Bluetongue in Ruminants

Rajesh Kumar Verma Shubhra Shukla Sanjeev Kumar Shukla
Vol 7(9), 11-18

Blue tongue disease is caused by blue tongue virus. It is a disease of sheep, cattle, and wild ruminants occur in many countries. The disease is endemic various states of India where Culicoides midges are present. First outbreak of BT in sheep and goats from Maharashtra state was reported by Sapre. Various species of biting midge Culicoides imicola, Cullicoid variipennis and other cullicoids are the vector for bluetongue viruses. Some affected sheep have swelling of tongue, which may cyanotic (blue tongue) and even protrude from mouth. Swelling and tenderness of the coronary region of the hoof may result in lameness. An inactivated pentavalent vaccine (BTV-1, 2, 10, 16 and 23) was developed and is available in India. Preventive measure is reduction of insect vectors by using insecticide spray, netting of farm house to prevent mosquito inside the farm and animal should not keep outside the farm from dusk to dawn.

Keywords : Blue Tongue Sheep Culicoides imicola Cullicoid variipennis Cynotic

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