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Breeding Management Practices of Pet Dogs in Urban Karnataka

Sakshi Srinivas Satyanarayan Kamardi Jagadeewary Vankayala Shilpa Shree J
Vol 7(8), 92-97

A retrospective research design was adopted to identify the breeding management practices of pet dogs and the constraints faced by pet owners in breeding management of pet dogs. The study was conducted purposively in Bengaluru district of Karnataka with the total sample size of 240 pet dog owners selected randomly. The results revealed that, majority (54.16%) of the owners neutered their dogs whereas 45.84 per cent kept their dogs intact for breeding. Among the respondents who owned breeding dogs, cent per cent preferred natural method of breeding by taking female dogs to male dogs place (99.00%), bred for one time (42.73%) and did not notice any breeding problems in their dogs (97.27%). Among the respondents who possessed female breeding dogs, cent per cent had awareness on heat/oestrous symptoms in their dogs. Pertaining to taking dogs for pregnancy diagnosis, majority (73.85%) of the owners took their dogs for pregnancy diagnosis and preferred both physical examination by the veterinarian and ultrasound scanning (58.46%) for pregnancy diagnosis. Majority (58.46%) of the owners weaned puppies at less than 4 weeks of age. Majority (63.08%) of the owners expressed lack of information on high quality pedigree males for natural service as the major breeding constraint. Therefore, there is urgent need to enhance the knowledge of the dog owners regarding scientific breeding practices of pet dogs by effective dissemination of the information based on the prioritization of the information needs of the dog owners.

Keywords : Breeding Management Dogs Pet Owners Constraints

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