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Brucellosis- A Prominent Bacterial Zoonosis and Strategies for Prevention and Control – A Review

Vijay Sharma Subha Ganguly
Vol 7(8), 18-29

Brucellosis is a major bacterial zoonosis of global, economic and public health significance. The disease has also been reported in recent years from wild and marine mammals and birds. The presence of brucellosis in wild animals, with a potential for continuous transfer to domestic animals and from them to humans is another epidemiological issue. In cattle, B. abortus causes abortion, stillbirth and weak calves with abortions usually occurring during the third trimester of gestation. In goats, B. melitensis can cause abortion, retained placenta, orchitis and epididymitis. Abortions usually occur during the fourth month of gestation in goats. Clinical manifestations of disease in man are weakness, fever, profuse sweating especially in night, loss of weight, generalized body ache etc. Swelling in testes and burning micturition due to orchitis and urethritis, respectively, are also peculiar symptoms of disease in man.

Keywords : Animals Brucellosis Bacterial Zoonosis Epidemiology Human

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