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Career Aspirations of Agriculture and Animal Sciences Undergraduates in Telangana State

Nukala Ramesh M. P. Sagar K. Pachaiyappan Jayant Goyal
Vol 8(8), 243-247

Career aspiration is an important notion which encompasses all recognitions on the future and entire experience of individual. Career aspiration can be influenced by self-concept, social and environmental factors. Effective and efficient planning is important in every endeavor including one’s career. Thus, to succeed in choosing a career, it behooves the students plan carefully considering the impact of career aspiration in their income, standard of living, social status and contacts, emotional health and feeling of self-actualization. It will also affect one’s use of time, general satisfaction with life, and spiritual well-being. Keeping this notion in mind, the study on career aspiration of undergraduates in Telangana state was carried out by using interview schedule through personal interview method. Results revealed that maximum percentage of undergraduates’ (30.8%) career aspiration was service in government organization related to their major field, followed by group-I officer (state sector) (10.8%), researcher or scientist (10.0%), consultant (9.1%), entrepreneur (8.4%), academician (7.6%), farmer (5.8%), civil servant (5.8%), defense officer (5.0%), work in abroad (3.3%) and social worker (3.3%).

Keywords : Agriculture and Animal Sciences Career Aspirations Telangana Undergraduates

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