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Characterization of Buffalo Meat Using Principal Component Analysis

S. Prajwal V. N. Vasudevan T. Sathu A. Irshad C. Sunanda
Vol 7(7) 251-260

The current study was undertaken to evaluate various quality attributes of buffalo meat and to characterize it using principal component analysis (PCA). Ten different muscles each from six female Murrah buffaloes were analyzed for 22 variables including physico-chemical, structural and sensory attributes. The coefficients of variation of different parameters were found to range from 2 to 55 per cent. PCA transformed the variables into seven principal components (PCs) which explained more than 76 per cent of the total variability. PC1 comprised of sensory attributes (excluding appearance), myofibril fragmentation index, shear force, collagen content and collagen solubility. PC2 was characterized by a* and chroma. Loading plots of the first two PCs revealed high correlation between most of the eating quality attributes. Shear force, myofibril fragmentation index and collagen content formed another group of highly correlated variables. The study has revealed that PCA can be effectively used for interpretation of large amount of data generated in studies like quality profiling of buffalo muscles.

Keywords : Buffalo Meat Principal Component Analysis Sensory Attributes Shear Force

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