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Characterization of Local Mahbubnagar Goat under Field Conditions

D. Anil Pavan Kumar Sarin K. Kunnath K. Anil Kumar Reddy D. Sreenivas
Vol 8(6), 322-327

Mahbubnagar goats, also known by local name of “Palamuru Mekalu” are found in areas adjoining the Srisailam Hydel Project and the Nallamala forest of the erstwhile Mahbubnagar district of Telangana state. They are medium sized and dual purpose strain of goat. A study was conducted to estimate morphometry and performance traits of local Mahbubnagar goats reared under field conditions. In total, flocks (n=2657) with 44 farmers distributed throughout the native tract were studied to measure the above said traits. The average flock composition ranged from 20-130 in size, with bucks constituting 10-85%, does between 10-25% and kids ranging between 8-37.5%. Ears were pendulous. Beard was present only in males while both the sexes had wattles. Both the sexes were horned with backward orientation. Body weight at birth ranged between 1.8-3.0 kg, at weaning (3 months) 7-14 kg, at 6 months of age 17-28 kg, at adult 26-40 kg. The weight of doe at first kidding ranged between 26-40 kg. With respect to body measurements in adult goats, the chest girth ranged between 58-105 cm, body length between 55-96 cm and height at withers between 58-103 cm. The total milk yield was between 22-60 litres per lactation, while lactation length was between 60-120 days. Age at first mating in males was between 360-540 days, while the same in females was between 320-380 days. Age at first kidding was between 520-600 days, while kidding interval was between 180-280 days. The average litter size was 2, while the no. of kid’s lifetime ranged between 7-11.

Keywords : Body Weight Characterization Goat Flock Size Milk Yield

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