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Characterization of Two Natural Cases of Lymphomas in Bovines

Anamika Gupta Kuldip Gupta A. P. S. Brar Amarjit Singh
Vol 8(10), 124-131

Lymph nodes are frequently affected in lymphomas in animals and people. The present research was undertaken to characterize two cases of lymphomas causing lymphadenopathy in bovines. Impression smears from affected lymph nodes and visceral organs were stained with Wright’s stain for cytology. Tissue samples were collected in 10% neutral buffered formalin and processed for histopathology and immunohistochemistry. Grossly there was enlargement of various peripheral and visceral lymph nodes in first case whereas second case revealed enlargement of mediastinal lymph node with involvement of lung. Histopathological examination showed presence of pleomorphic small neoplastic lymphocytes in lymph nodes, lungs and heart in first case. However, there was diffuse monomorphic cell infiltration of small lymphocytes in mediastinal lymph node in the second case. Based on the positive immunoreactivity for CD3, CD4, CD8, and focal positive reactivity for p-27, the first case was diagnosed as mixed T and B-cell lymphoma. Whereas, the second case was diagnosed as T-cell lymphoma based on positive reactivity for CD3 and CD4. The study concluded that immunohistochemistry was helpful tool in further characterization lymphoma into B- and T-cell lineage.

Keywords : Bovine Immunohistochemistry Lymphadenopathies Lymphoma

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