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Chlorpyrifos Induced Sub-acute Toxicity in Rabbits: Clinical, Haematological and Biochemical Alterations

Omer Khalil Baba Mohd Maqbool Darzi Masood Saleem Mir Syed Ashaq Hussain Shoaib Ahmad Kamil Majid Shafi
Vol 7(8), 208-213

This study was conducted to investigate the sub-acute toxic effects of Chlorpyrifos, using male rabbits as an animal model for mammals. Lara-909 (containing 50% chlorpyrifos) was given @71.5 mg chlorpyrifos /kg body weight per day orally for 14 days. Blood samples were collected at day 0, 7 and day 15 for analysis. Intoxicated rabbits showed dullness, anorexia, dehydration, excessive salivation, muscle contractions, twitching with staggering gait and progressive loss of weight. Mortality over 14 days was 83%. In comparison to control group, mean values of Hb, MCH, MCHC and creatinine were significantly increased while lymphocyte count and albumin were significantly decreased on day seven of the experiment. The mean values of total protein, globulin, glucose, ALT, AST, and BUN did not differ significantly from control values.

Keywords : Chlorpyrifos Pathology Rabbit Subacute Toxicity

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