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Chromosomal tR1/29 Abnormalities in Senepol Cattle

Rita Maria Ladeira Pires Keila Maria Roncato Duarte Jackson Barros do Amaral Fabio Morato Monteiro Rafael Herrera Alvarez
Vol 8(5), 50-56

Cytogenetic analysis allows detection of animals with chromosomal abnormalities, which may affect the productive and reproductive functions. This study aimed to evaluate tR1/29 abnormality incidence in Senepol cattle evaluated in this study. Blood samples were obtained from 94 females and 61 males from farms and AI centers (artificial insemination) at São Paulo State. 15 karyotypes were analyzed, 11 (74.2%) had normal chromosome complement (2n = 60), 58 autosomes acrocentric chromosomes morphology and two submetacentrics sex chromosomes (XX in females and XY in males). The remaining 40 (25.8%) had abnormalities of type Robertsonian 1/29 (tR1/29), 37 in heterozygous, and three in homozygous. Results confirm the importance of cytogenetic analysis. Negative effect on reproduction of tR1/29 anomaly is still controversial, but are particularly relevant to the industry of bulls destined to replacement or semen collection and embryo donors cows, since the identification and subsequent removal of animals carrying this anomaly may prevent further problems in herds.

Keywords : Cattle Chromosome Karyotype Reproduction

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