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Chronic Diarrhea and Therapeutic Trial with Metronidazole in Balantidium coli Infected Cattle and Buffaloes

Nuzhat Hassan Charanjit S Randhawa Swaran Randhawa Deepti Narang
Vol 7(7), 74-81

The study was conducted to investigate chronic diarrhea cases and therapeutic trial in dairy cattle and buffaloes infected with Balantidium coli. Hundred and one adult dairy cattle and buffaloes presented with the history of diarrhea (>2 weeks) were selected for the study. Balantidium coli was isolated and diagnosed in 38 infected cattle and buffalo. Therapeutic efficacy of oral and intravenous metronidazole in dairy animals due to balantidiasis was evaluated. Efficacy of drug in the study was determined on the basis of reversal of clinical signs and reduction in Balantidium coli cysts/ trophozoites count. Complete clinical recovery was observed in 42.1 per cent of animals treated with oral metronidazole and in 63.1 per cent animals treated with intravenous metronidazole given at the dose rate of 10 mg/kg b.wt. The findings of this study substantiate that B. coli caused chronic diarrhea and haematological alterations of varied intensity in dairy cattle and buffaloes even with low cyst count and metronidazole as therapeutically effective drug, should be taken into consideration.

Keywords : Balantidium coli Chronic Diarrhea Metronidazole Cattle Buffalo Trophozoite

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