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Clinical and Haemato-Biochemical Alterations in Canine Renal Dysfunction

H. Nakang B. Changkija B. C. Baishya G. Mahato P. Devi M. Kalita
Vol 9(8),164-171

The present investigation was conducted with the aim of determining the haemato-biochemical alterations in dogs with renal dysfunction. Of the 170 dogs screened for renal dysfunction 44 dogs (25.88%) were found to be positive for renal dysfunction based on clinical signs and haemato-biochemical changes. The predominant clinical changes associated with renal dysfunction were anorexia, weight loss, weakness, vomiting, emaciation, pale mucous membrane, polyuria, polydipsia, inappetence, recumbency, anuria, halitosis, oral ulcers, epistaxis, seizure and cataract/blindness. Moderate to severe anemia with significant biochemical alterations viz., elevation in BUN, serum creatinine and phosphorous and a non-significant elevation in serum sodium and potassium and fall in total protein and albumin levels were observed in dogs with renal dysfunction. A highly significant increase in urine protein concentration along with significant decrease in urine creatinine concentration was also noted.

Keywords : Creatinine Dog Haemato-Biochemical Protein Renal Dysfunction

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