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Clinical and Haemato-biochemical Studies on Respiratory Disease in Buffaloes

Praveen Kumar Vinod Kumar Jain Tarun Kumar Vinod Kumar Yudhbir Singh Rana
Vol 8(8), 178-184

The purpose of this study was to determine clinical and haemato-biochemical parameters of buffaloes suffering from respiratory disease. The present study included 39 clinical cases of buffaloes aged 3-8 years affected with respiratory disease brought to VCC, LUVAS, Hisar with the complaint of anorexia, fever, nasal discharge, coughing, dyspnoea and abnormal lung sounds on auscultation of thoracic area. The results were compared with seven healthy control animals. Clinical and haemato-biochemical studies revealed appreciable tachypnea, tachycardia, neutrophilia, hyperproteinemia, hyperglobulinemia, hyperglycemia, increased hepatic enzyme activity level, compromised kidney function, while low A/G ratio, hypoalbuminemia, hyponatremia, hypochloremia and reduced anion gap in affected animals. These findings may be important in the diagnosis and assessment of animals affected with respiratory disease.

Keywords : Bovine Respiratory Disease Buffaloes Clinical Haemato-Biochemical Parameters

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