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Clinical and Haematobiochemical Changes in Cattle with Theileria orientalis Infection

N. Devadevi K. Rajkumar P. Vijayalakshmi S. Venkatesa Perumal
Vol 8(12), 258-263

Out of 110 animals suspected for theileriosis, 100 cattle were positive for T. orientalis infection. The predominant clinical signs were tick infestation (45%), anorexia (80%), pyrexia (22%), swollen lymph node (83%), pale conjunctival mucous membrane (73%), nasal discharge (65%), bruxism (43%), dyspnoea (67%), tachycardia (71%), reduced milk yield (62.35%) and lameness (12%). Haematological analysis revealed significant (P<0.05) decrease in haemoglobin (Hb), haematocrit (PCV), red blood cells (RBC) and platelets and significant (P<0.05) increase in mean corpuscular volume and eosinophil count. Serum biochemistry revealed significant (P<0.05) reduction in mean serum albumin and albumin: globulin ratio and significant (P<0.01) increase in mean total protein and globulin was observed in Theileria infected cattle to the control.

Keywords : Cattle Clinical Signs Haemato-biochemical Theileria orientalis

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