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Clinical Evaluation of Haloperidol as an Adjuvant to Thiopentone and Ketamine Anesthesia in Dogs

Busakala Prakash Kumar R V Suresh Kumar Ch. Srilatha
Vol 7(9), 245-249

The clinical assessment of haloperidol as an adjuvant to thiopentone and ketamine anesthesia in dogs was studied. Induction of anesthesia with thiopentone was rapid (1.50±0.07 minutes) smooth and without any complications whereas induction with ketamine was a little slower (1.94±0.04 minutes).The mean duration of surgical anesthesia in thiopentone group (I) and ketamine group (II) were 41.0±0.94 and 28.0±4.09 minutes respectively. Complete recovery took place within 120.0 ±3.9 minutes in group I and at 46.0±0.24 minutes after the last incremental dose in group II. The mean rectal temperature were 101.66±0.53OF and 101.96±0.38OF in group I and II respectively and the values remained within the normal range Haloperidol was not only potentiated the anesthetic effects of thiopentone but helped to prolong the duration of anesthesia.

Keywords : Dogs Ketamine Haloperidol Thiopentone

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