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Clinical, Hematological Changes and Therapeutic Efficacy of Buparvaquone with Oxytetracycline against the Natural Infection of Theileria annulata in Cattle

Saravanan Mani Ranjithkumar Muthusamy Bapu Prasanth N Yogesh Priya S Jaya lakshmi K Kannan Kandasamy
Vol 7(10), 128-133

The present study was conducted at Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex, Veterinary College and Research Institute Orathanadu Thanjavur district. In this study 9 animals were positive for Theileria annulata in the peripheral blood smear. Peripheral blood smears and EDTA blood samples were collected in all affected animals to study the therapeutic effect of before and after treatment. The common clinical signs are enlargement of prescapular lymph node, inappetence, diarrhea, fever, nasal discharge and respiratory dyspnea were recorded in the Theileria infected cattle. Significantly decreased level of hemoglobin, PCV, RBCs and lymphocyte count were noticed. Single dose of buparvaquone and Oxytetracycline along with supportive treatment shows better effect against Theileria annulata in cattle.

Keywords : Anemia Buparvaquone Oxytetracycline Piroplasms Pre scapula LN Enlargement and Theileria annulata

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