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Clinical importance of the Maxillofacial and Mandibular Regions of the Blue bull (Boselaphus tragocamelus)

Vikas Kumar Sanjeev Joshi Pankaj Thanvi Subha Ganguly Nikhil Shringi Kavita Rohlan
Vol 8(1), 61-66

The study involved the measurements of some clinically important landmarks for regional anesthesia in the mandibular and maxillary regions of blue bull. The mandibular parameters discussed with regard to their application in proper tracking of the infra-orbital, mental and mandibular nerves to aid in regional anesthetic procedures during treatment and manipulations of various clinical affections of this region. This study was designed to provide information on clinically important parameters and landmarks of the head region. This information may aid for performing regional anesthesia conducted in maxilla and the mandible of the Blue bull.

Keywords : Blue Bull Maxillofacial Mandibular Measurements

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