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Clinical Management of Glaucoma and Corneal Ulceration in a Cat

Syed Ashaq Hussain Shafayat Ahmad Beigh Hakim Athar Showket ul Nabi
Vol 7(3), 181-185

A two year old intact female cat was presented with the history of reduced appetite, intermittent aggressive behavior and impaired vision from last 15days. The clinical examination revealed buphthalmos, normal temperature, mild increase in heart and respiration rates and hyphema in both eyes. Maze test and papillary light reflex were intact in right eye but absent in left eye, and corneal ulcer in right eye. The intraocular pressure was high in both eyes and ultrasonography revealed retinal detachment in left eye. The cat recovered successfully after two weeks but treatment was continued beyond recovery period.

Keywords : Cat Glaucoma Corneal Ulcer Ultrasonography

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