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Clinico – Diagnostic and Therapeutic Studies of Bacterial otitis externa – A Clinical Study of 8 Dogs (10 Ears)

Bharath Kumar Reddy Nalini Kumari Syaama Sundar Vinod Kumar
Vol 7(8), 179-182

Bacterial otitis externa was diagnosed in 8 dogs (10 ears) with clinical signs likeear scratching, pain on handling and abnormally excessive yellowish ear discharge through roll swab cytology. Haematology revealed leukocytosis, neutrophilia and eosinophilia. Serum biochemistry was normal. However, cultural isolation revealed majorly Staphylococcus pseudintermedius and Pseudomonas isolates. Gentamicin was found to be highly sensitive and therapy was initiated based on the results of antibiotic sensitivity tests. The mean clinical recovery time was 17.50 ± 2.18 days. The time taken for complete cytological recovery was 18.90 ± 2.56 days.

Keywords : Bacterial otitis externa Gentamicin Neutrophilia Pseudomonas

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