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Clinico-Haematological and Biochemical Studies in Dogs with Renal Failure

Shruti Chhibber Kafil Hussain Mazar Ali Shah Muheet Rajiv Singh
Vol 7(3), 16-21

Study was conducted to determine the clinical and haemato-biochemical changes in dogs suffering with renal failure. Depression, diarrhoea, vomition, progressive weight loss, halitosis, polyuria, polydipsia, oliguria, anuria, dehydration, ascites, pale mucosa were the main clinical signs observed in renal failure in dogs. Haemato-biochemical study revealed lower haemoglobin and hematocrit, azotemia with decrease in total protein, albumin, sodium and increase in alkaline phosphatase and phosphorus at the day of presentation. Significant (<0.05%) improvement was observed in the values of haemoglobin and packed cell volume after treatment. Significant (<0.05%) decrease was observed in the values of blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, alkaline phosphatase after the treatment. Treatment response with diuretic mannitol, supportive therapy along with nutritional management found to be more effective.

Keywords : Renal Failure Azotemia Oliguria Mannitol

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