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Coagulase Gene Polymorphism in Staphylococcus Aureus Isolated From Chicken and Pork Marketed in Retail Outlets of Chennai

Savariraj Wilfred Ruban Ravindran Narendra Babu Robinson J. J. Abraham Veluru Appa Rao Kannan Porteen Paramasivam Raja
Vol 7(6), 192-197

The present study was carried out to determine polymorphism in coagulase gene in S. aureus isolated from retail chicken and pork meat marketed in Chennai. A total of 94 S. aureus isolates viz., 46 isolates from chicken meat and 48 isolates from pork which were confirmed by standard biochemical methods were used in the study. PCR based on coa gene revealed nine and eleven different banding patterns in chicken and pork isolates respectively. Of the 46 chicken isolates, 37 (80.43 %) revealed single pattern and 9 isolates revealed multiple banding pattern (19.57 %). Majority of the chicken isolates amplified 891 bp coa product. Of the 48 pork isolates, 35 isolates (72.91 %) amplified multiple banding pattern and 13 isolates (27.08 %) showed distinctive single band pattern. Majority of the pork isolates produced double banding pattern of 723 and 891 bp coa product. The results of the study clearly indicated the prevalence of variants in coa gene of S. aureus within as well as between different samples from which they were isolated. Hence, coa gene polymorphism may be used as an easy tool for typing of S. aureus.

Keywords : S. aureus Coagulase Gene Polymorphism Chicken Pork

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