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Combined Effect of Area Specific Mineral Mixture and Bypass Protein Supplementation on the Performance of Crossbred Cattle

J. Agrawalla K. Sethy R. K. Swain S. K. Mishra K. Behera N. R. Debata B. K. Mishra
Vol 8(8), 92-98

A total of forty five reproductive disordered animals (anestrus and repeat breeder) i.e. 30 cows and 15 heifers were selected for this experiment, which were divided among three groups in equal numbers of 15 animals in each. Animals in control group (T0) were maintained as per the traditional practices of the farmer, whereas treatment groups were fed with area specific mineral mixture @ 50 g per day per animal in T1 group and bypass protein @ 100 g per day per animal along with area specific mineral mixture @ 50 g per day per animal in T2 group. The growth performance was measured in tunes of body weight and average daily gain (ADG). Biochemical and mineral profiles were assessed for the analysis of the reproductive status of the animals. The average daily gain (g) of all the treatment groups differed significantly (P<0.05) from the control (T0) group. The serum glucose, total protein and albumin concentration was significantly (P<0.05) higher in supplemented than control animals. Similarly higher mineral concentrations were observed in treated group than control. Higher percentage of conception was achieved in group T2 (53.33%) followed by T1 (40.00%) and T0 (15.00%). It may be concluded that area specific mineral mixture and bypass protein supplementation increased growth and reproductive performances of crossbred cattle.

Keywords : Bypass Protein Crossbred Cattle Minerals Reproduction

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