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Comparative Adaptability Reflected by Haematological Parameters and Serum Minerals-Electrolytes Level of Black Bengal Goats in Coastal Areas of Sundarban, West Bengal

Bidhan Chandra Das Santanu Bera Dipak Banerjee Rameswar Panda Manoranjan Roy
Vol 8(11), 246-256

The main objective of this study was to find out the adaptive changes of hematological parameters and mineral profile of Black Bengal goats in coastal areas of Sundarban in comparison with New Alluvial zone of West Bengal. For this purpose, whole blood and serum samples were collected form Ayeshpur village (New Alluvial zone or zone-1) located at Mohanpur of Nadia district and villages of Gosaba block (Sunderban coastal area or zone-2) of 24-Parganas district of West Bengal. The mean value of Hb, PCV, TEC, TLC and MCV in New Alluvial plains is higher than the values in coastal saline area. Highly significant difference (p<0.01) was observed within two agro-climatic zones and in coastal saline area, increased values were recorded in eosinophils and monocytes than alluvial plains. The concentration of serum minerals viz. Ca and P were recorded were almost similar (non-significant, P>0.05) in coastal zone and Alluvial plains. The difference in the level of serum electrolytes potassium and chloride were found to be higher in zone-2 than zone-1 whereas sodium value was observed as higher in zone-2 than zone-1 resulting a highly significant difference in sodium and potassium level.

Keywords : Alluvial Zone Black Bengal Goat Haematological Parameters Serum Mineral Sunderban

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