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Comparative Biochemical Parameters Studies on Pati and Chara-Chemballi Ducks (Anas Platyrhynchos Domesticus) During their Laying Periods

Anil Deka Kabita Sarma Satya Sarma Jitendra Goswami Jaga Dev Mahanta Dibyajyoti Talukdar
Vol 7(2), 110-114

The present investigation was undertaken for comparative study of blood biochemical constituents of Pati and Chara-Chemballi ducks in their laying period (42 weeks age). Twelve each of the ducks were procured from Barpeta district and SIRD of Assam and blood samples were collected from the wing veins from each bird under aseptic condition. The results showed that the serum glucose, ALT and ALP level was found to be significantly higher in Chara-Chemballi duck than Pati duck except serum calcium level which was significantly higher in Pati duck. The total protein of blood serum did not differ significantly in both the genetic groups of ducks. In conclusion, result obtained showed that the Chara-Chemballi duck revealed significant difference in all the parameters as compared to Pati duck. The findings of the present study will helps the physiologist, pathologist and poultry scientists for preparing effective production strategy as well as disease control regime.

Keywords : Duck Chara-Chemballi Pati Blood Biochemical Constituents

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