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Comparative Efficacy of Herbal Combined Amino Acid with Synthetic Amino Acid Supplementation on Egg Quality Parameters of White Leghorn Layers

Manik Vaijnath Dhumal Mahalsakant Gangadhar Nikam Kakasaheb K Khose
Vol 7(7), 35-47

An experiment was undertaken to evaluate the comparative efficacy of herbal combined amino acid with synthetic amino acid supplementation on egg quality parameters. To carry out the experiment, 240 BV300 pullets of 20 weeks age were selected and randomly distributed into five groups using complete randomized design (RBD). Each treatment group comprised of 48 layer birds and was replicated four times with twelve birds. Negative control group (T0) was fed basal diet completely devoid of lysine and biotin and with partial deficiency of methionine and choline, from 20th-41th week of age. Treatment groups fed basal diet deficient in amino acids and supplemented with herbal combined amino acid at different dose. The eggs collected were examined for exterior and interior egg quality. The results of present study revealed that basal diet supplemented with herbal combined amino acid significantly increased egg production, egg weight and egg mass. Feed cost per egg and feed efficiency was at par to that of control. Highest yolk weight was recorded for herbal combined amino acid supplemented group. The supplementation of herbal combined amino acid alternatives of synthetic amino acid succeeded in improving the shell thickness. Hence, it is concluded that diet with herbal combined amino acid formula Av/Cap/18 @ 200g/100kg of feed of feed from 20th to 41th week is most beneficial for improving egg production, egg weight, egg mass and shell thickness.

Keywords : Egg Mass Egg Yolk Shell Thickness Yolk Index

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