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Comparative Evaluation of Haemato- Biochemical Profiles in Dogs Premedicated With Pentazocine or Meperidine Following Induction with Propofol Anaesthesia

Anand Kumar Anandmay Arvind Kumar Sharma Ram Prawesh Ram Praveen Kumar
Vol 7(4), 119-126

Propofol was given to effect in group I (control), whereas, meperidine @2 mg/kg bwt and pentazocine@ 2 mg/kgbwt was given as preanaesthetic before propofol “to effect” in dogs of group II and III, respectively. Atropine sulphate was injected I/M @ 0.04 mg/kg b. wt. 20 minutes prior to each treatment in all the groups. A non significant alteration in the level of total serum protein, alkaline phosphatase activity, serum creatinine and blood urea nitrogen could be recorded at different observation periods either within the group or among the groups. There was significant increase in serum glucose level at 1hr in all the three treatment groups. There was significant increase (P<0.05) in SGOT value at 1hr in group I whereas in group II and III it could be recorded at hr 1 and 2 of observation followed by a progressive decrease in its value which reached to pre-treatment level within 24 hr in all the treatment groups. A significant elevation (P<0.05) in SGPT value could be recorded in all the groups of animals at hr1 and 2 of observation as compared to their respective baseline value. In conclusion, meperidine or pentazocine along with propofol administration in dogs revealed least and variable changes within the normal physiological limits, hence considered as suitable anesthetic in terms of least effects on vital organs.

Keywords : Buprinorphine Dog Haemato- Biochemical Changes Meperidine Pentazocine Lactate Propofol

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